Baba Red Chili Seeds Extreme Yield or Cluster Chili Benih Cili Api Merah F1 Hybrid VE-015 VE-017 SHS Kebun
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  • Baba Smart Grow Extreme Yield Red Chili Seeds (VE-017) OR Baba Smart Grow Cluster Chili Seeds (VE-015)
  • Non GMO Professional Seeds
  • F1 Hybrid
  • Approximately 25 - 30 seeds
  • Maturity : 60 days
  • Tested high germination rate 
  • Shipped from Kulim, Kedah
  • SHS Kebuh/SHS Garden is the trademark of Grand SHS Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd. Beware of any fake listings using our trade name





Product Description : F1 Extreme Yield Red Chili Seeds VE-017 or F1 Cluster Chili Seeds VE-015

Quantity : Approximately 25-30 seeds

Maturity : 60 days


Our seeds are technologically processed and hygienically packed to ensure maximum and quality yield. Please be sure to examine the correct plant seeds before sowing and ensure proper planting practice under the right weather conditions. 


There are many possible reasons why seeds don't germinate. The key factors are the seedling soil used, mosture level, temperature, how deep the seeds are buried etc.


If you have a low germination rate, you are welcome to contact us so that we can help find out why the germination rate is low. 

Seed Sowing Guide

  1. Make a small hole on the seedling soil, put in 2-3 seeds for each hole and cover with a thin layer of soil. Water twice a day until after germination.
  2. When 3 to 4 true leaves appear, thin out excess seedlings (remove weak seedlings) or transplant to planting bed. Leave a 30 cm gap between each plant.
  3. Top dress with Baba 532 Organic Foliage Fertilizer weekly.  When the plants grow bigger, use Baba 426 Organic Fruiting Fertilizer. Put the fertilizer away from the plant, approximately 10 to 15 cm gap, then cover with soil. Water after fertilization.
  4. Harvest when the fruits turn red.


Growing Tips

  • When the first flower blooms, remove all the axillary buds below it.
  • Thin leaves to make sure ventilation of plants, to avoid mealybug attack.
  • When the plant grows bigger, cut the old branches to encourage the growth of new branches.



  • Use SHS KEBUN All Purpose Organic Compost Fertilizer to mix with your potting soil / raised bed as the base fertilizer. This will help the seedlings to grow healthy and strong when young
  • Use Mr Ganick Organic Molluscicide if you have snail / slug problems in your garden / farm
  • Use Ken's Garlic Powder Plus to force pests out of their hiding places then use Mr Ganick Scale Terminator to get rid of pests such as mealy bugs, aphids, white flies etc




  1. 在培养土中挖几个小洞穴,将2-3颗种子直接播种于每个小洞穴,早晚浇水,让其发芽成长。
  2. 当长出3-4片真叶后,拔掉弱苗或疏移太密的苗,让株距30cm左右。
  3. 每星期以Baba 532 有机叶面肥追肥一次。植株稍大,施以Baba 426 有机开花结果肥为主。宜将肥料施于离株植10cm-15cm左右,以泥土覆盖。施肥后浇水。
  4. 当果实由青转红,即可采收。






Cara menanam benih :

  1. Gali beberapa lubang kecil antara pada tanah benih
  2. Letakkan 2-3 benih sayur di dalam setiap lubang dan selepasnya melindungkannya dengan pelapisan tanah yang nipis . Siram biji benih dua kali sehari sehingga biji benih bercambah .
  3. Kurangkan anak benih dengan mengeluarkan anak benih yang tidak sihat atau memindahkan anak pokok apabila 3 atau 4 daun bertumbuh. Tinggalkan biji benih yang paling sihat untuk setiap lubang . Tinggalkan jarak 30 cm di antara pokok .
  4. Gunakan Baba 532 organic foliage fertilizer setiap minggu apabila saiz tumbuhan menjadi besar. Selain itu , gunakan Baba 426 Organic Fruiting Fertilizer dengan meletakkan baja tersebut berjarak 10-15cm dari tumbuhan , tutup dengan tanah dan menyiram kawasan tersebut .
  5. Cili akan mencapai keremajaan apabila cili menjadi warna merah .



Tips menanam :

Keluarkan axillary tunas apabila bunga pertama memekar .

Nipiskan daun untuk memastikan pengudaraan tumbuh dan menghalang serangan mealybug.

Guntingkan batang pokok yang berusia untuk menggalakkan pertumbuhan batang pokok yang baru .




1 pack of Baba Smart Grow Extreme Yield Red Chili Seeds (VE-017)


1 pack of Baba Smart Grow Cluster Chili Seeds (VE-015)



Store seeds in a dry, cool and dark place. It is recommended to keep the seeds in an airtight container and store inside a refrigerator away from the freezer compartment. 


  • Shipped from Kulim, Kedah
  • SHS Kebuh/SHS Garden is the trademark of Grand SHS Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd. Beware of any fake listings using our trade name
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1 pack of Baba Smart Grow Extreme Yield Red Chili Seeds (VE-017) OR 1 pack of Baba Smart Grow Cluster Chili Seeds (VE-015)

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