Baja Sebatian Organik Tulen Pure Organic Compound Fertilizer 2kg SHS Kebun
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Brand SHS Kebun
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- Imported from Germany

- Slow-release pure organic fertilizer

- Granular form

- 2kg per pack


1. Method of Application: Sub soiling
2. Usage: 5-6kg is applied for each tree per year
3. Result on- Farm experiments 
(i) Increase plants resistance and reduces the need of chemical pesticides and herbicides.
(ii) Improves the taste (sweetness) of Pomelo and increase the colour intensity of the fruit.
(iii) Improves water storage capacity.
(iv) Improves nutrient and water uptake of the plant. Increase the activity of soil organism.

Nutrient Contents : 9% N, 3% P2O5, 3% K2O + TE



What's in the box

1 pack of SHS Kebun Pure Organic Fertilizer (2kg) in ziplock bag