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  • Wah Heng Hang Edamame Seed (日本毛豆)- WH210
  • Quantity: 30 seeds
  • Non-GMO seeds
  • Maturity : Approximately 90 days
  • High germination rate (approximately 85%)
  • Shipped from Kulim, Kedah
  • SHS Kebuh/SHS Garden is the trademark of Grand SHS Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd. Beware of any fake listings using our trade name



Product Description: WH210 Edamame Seed (日本毛豆)

Quantity: 30 seeds

Maturity: Approximately 90 days

Germination rate: Approximately 85%

Non-GMO seeds

Our seeds are technologically processed and hygienically packed to ensure maximum and quality yield. Please be sure to examine the correct plant seeds before sowing and ensure proper planting practice under the right weather conditions.

There are many possible reasons why seeds don't germinate. The key factors are the seedling soil used, moisture level, temperature, how deep the seeds are buried, etc.

If you have a low germination rate, you are welcome to contact us so that we can help find out why the germination rate is low.





1. SHS KEBUN Paper Tray or Cup

2. SHS KEBUN Peat Moss

3. SHS KEBUN Sprayer Bottle



1. Fill the paper tray or cup with peat moss

2. Poke a small hole in the centre (not more than 1 cm deep)

3. Put 1-2 seeds into each hole then cover with peat moss

4. Spray water gently until wet

5Keep the tray or cup in an airy and dark place

6. Spray with water lightly once or twice a day so that the peat moss is not dry

7. When the seeds have sprouted, move them to a bright spot

8. Remember to water the seedlings to prevent the peat moss from drying

9. Expose the seedlings to full sun after 1-2 days

10. When there are 2 pairs of true leaves, they are ready to be transplanted to the raised bed or planter/pot



Add SHS KEBUN Mychorizal Care  and SHS KEBUN Plant Probiotic to the peat moss before sowing the seeds to help the seedlings grow better and healthier roots

Spray SHS KEBUN Plant Immunity Booster once a week to help the seedlings boost the immunity

It is always recommended to use a seedling tray/cup to sow seeds instead of directly sowing the seeds to the raised bed/planter outdoor because:

a) Sometimes seeds can be taken away by insects/ants/birds

b) Sometimes when you sow the seeds outdoor, weeds may sprout instead

c) You can choose only the healthy seedlings to transplant so that you can ensure your seedlings have a higher chance of growing healthier and stronger



1. SHS KEBUN Premium 10 in 1 Organic Potting Mix
2. SHS KEBUN Nonwoven Planter
3. SHS KEBUN Sprayer Bottle
4. SHS KEBUN Dolomite
5. SHS KEBUN Blood and Bone Meal
6. Baba's Neem Cake
7. SHS KEBUN Soil Puncher

1. Preparing the potting mix

Add a small handful of dolomite and Blood and Bone Meal to the potting mix. Mix them well

Optional: Add 20% of SHS KEBUN Vermicompost to provide more basal nutrients needed by the seedlings

2. Put the ready potting mix into the planter

3. Use the SHS KEBUN Soil Puncher to create holes in the centre of the planter big enough for the paper tray/cup

4. Insert the paper cup into the hole or gently use a pair of scissors to cut the paper tray and insert it into the holes

5. Water the seedlings and put the planter in a shady place with bright light for 1-2 days

6. Once the seedlings are stable, bring the planter out for full sun

One week after transplanting, apply the SHS KEBUN Organic Fertilizer N6-P3-K3

Apply in between the plants, away from the main stem

It is important to cover the fertilizer with soil and water it after application

Apply a small handful weekly

Once you see the first flower, apply the high P organic fertilizer SHS KEBUN Blood and Bone Meal to induce more flowers

Switch to SHS KEBUN high K organic fertilizer N6-P1-K8 when the first fruit starts to set


Please read the maturity date on the product label to guesstimate when to harvest

1. Spray SHS KEBUN Plant Immunity Booster once a week to boost the immunity of the plants

2. Sprinkle Baba's Organic Molluscicide around the plants and spray Dr Ken's Snail-sack on the leaves to prevent snails and slugs from getting close to the plants

3. Spray SHS KEBUN Garlic Extract + Baba's Dr Neem once a week to prevent pests like caterpillars, aphids etc

4. Before transplanting, use SHS KEBUN Small Pop-up Net to protect the seedlings from pests and heavy rain


1 pack of Wah Heng Hang Edamame Seed (Approximately 30 seeds)



  • Shipped from Kulim, Kedah



  • SHS Kebuh/SHS Garden is the trademark of Grand SHS Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd. Beware of any fake listings using our trade name
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1 pack of Wah Heng Hang Edamame Seed (日本毛豆)

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