EM1 (Effective Microorganism) - 1L for Soil and Plant Health Bokashi Composting Home Cleaning Pet Hygiene
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  • EM.1 is a liquid concentration of non-genetically modified beneficial microorganisms 
  • Used to produce EMAS (Effective Microorganism Activated solution)
  • Home gardening, composting, bokashi composting, agriculture, aquaculture, home cleaning, pet cleaning, animal husbandry and ecological rehabilitation of polluted soils and water bodies
  • Improves soil health, plant immunity, plant nutrient uptake
  • EM.1 is 100% safe, effective and earth friendly. 
  • 1 Liter / bottle
  • EM.1 is produced under the license of EMRO Japan.
  • Cost-effective - to be diluted several thousand times
  • Shipped from Kulim
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EM.1 is a mixed culture of beneficial, naturally-occurring microorganisms beneficial microbs that are "sleeping" or "inactive".   


EM.1 is a produced under the license of EMRO EM Research Organization) Japan. EM.1 activates local and native microorganisms that live in soil and water and maximizes their natural power.


EM.1 is OMRI listed which means it is a certified organic production.



Active ingredients:
Microorganisms: Minimum of 1 million colony forming units/cc (units/ml), Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeast and Phototrophic Bacteria
Inactive Ingredients:
Water and Molasses




The beneficial effects of EM is produced when the groups of microorganisms in EM.1, including lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototrophic bacteria, activate native microorganisms in the environment and harness their intrinsic power.


EM.1 is has been used in over 100 countries in the following industries:


  1. Home gardening - improves soil health and root structure, plant nutrient intake and immunity​
  2. Home cleaning inside and outside the home - removes odours in kitchen, toilet, replacement for chemical cleaning agent etc
  3. Pet hygiene - spray on cat litter box to remove odour
  4. Hot/Cold / Bokashi composting - speeds up composting helps produce high quality compost 
  5. Agriculture - improves soil health, enhances crop yield
  6. Aquaculture - improves water quality and growth rate
  7. Animal husbandry -  removes foul odour and prevention of disease etc
  8. Ecological rehabilitation of polluted soils and water bodies
  9. Improves water quality in ponds, lakes, aquarium
  10. Solid waster management
  11. Sewage and wastewater treatment

​Activated EM solution is to be diluted 100 to several thousand times making the use of EM.1 very cost-effective. 


How to produce EMAS (EM Activated Solution):


♦ 18 parts (90%) water
♦ 1 part (5%) molasses (or brown sugar)
♦ 1 part (5%) EM•1
♦ Bottle



  1. Pour the water into a measuring cup.
  2. Add molasses. Mix well.
  3. Add in EM•1®. Mix well.
  4. Pour all contents into the plastic bottle. Make sure to leave about 10% air space.
  5. Keep the bottle tightly closed and leave in a warm place (20 - 40⁰C) for 7 – 10 days.
  6. Loosen the cap a few times over the 10 days to release pent-up gas. When gas formation stops, the fermentation process is complete.
  7. Store in a cool dark place.

Points to note:


  • Check to make sure the cap is always closed tightly for both EM•1 and EMAS. When air enters during the fermentation stage, unwanted microbes can enter and begin putrefying the contents.
  • DO NOT use a glass bottle for making EMAS as the pent-up gas may lead to an explosion.
  • To check for quality, ensure that the pH is below pH 3.6. The smell should be sweet-sour. You should notice a color change from black to dark brown.
  • After opening the bottle of EM•1, white flakes may appear on the surface of the liquid. This is yeast and is harmless.
  • Discard if the pH rises above 4 or if there is a foul smell.
  • To ensure the quality, we do not recommend using a 2nd generation of EMAS or further generation.






Store EM.1 at room temperature and keep away from direct sunglight. Keep container tightly closed.

Activated EM•1 should be kept in an expandable air-tight container to maintain anaerobic conditions.

Store Activated EM•1 at room temperature 20°C to 30°C. Refrigeration is not necessary.

A white layer of yeast bacteria may form on the surface. Since this may lead to putrefaction, remove the layer as needed and transfer to a container that can be closed tightly.

If stored Activated EM•1 has a foul smell or the pH rises above 4.0, the solution could be contaminated with undesirable microbes and should be discarded. It is fine to pour this material on a long-term compost pile.



Air, molassis, bakteria asid lakti, Yis (Ragi) dan Bakteria Fotosintetik.



Gunakan EM.1 dengan kadar nisbah iaitu satu bahagian EM.1 dengan 500 bahagian air.  Pencairan tersebut digunakan untuk penyemburan atau melalui sistem pengairan yang sedia ada dalam bidang pertanian. 



Simpan EM.1 dalam keadaan suhu bilik dan elakkan daripada pancaran matahari terus. Pastikan bekas pnyimpanan EM.1 sentiasa ditutup dengan rapat dan kedap udara. 



1 bottle of EM.1 (1 liter)



EM.1 is a livig culture, therefore the container with EM.1 may expand or shrink and whire flakes mayappear on the surface. Some sediment at the bottom of bottle is natural.

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1 bottle of EMRO EM.1 (1 Litre)