Fish Amino Acid Fertilizer 1L Concentrate Baja Ikan Organik Improve Plant Immunity and Stimulate Plant Growth Liquid Fertilizer
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  • SHS KEBUN Fermented Fish Amino Acid Concentrate (1 Liter)
  • Natural liquid fertilizer
  • Amino acid as the nitrogen source
  • Contains beneficial microbes
  • Plant growth stimulant, improves the immunity of plants, rejuvenates soil microflora
  • Non-toxic to humans, plants, bees, and worms. Very safe to use
  • No chemicals added
  • Suitable for all plants (vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental plants, indoor plants, etc
  • Very economical (can be diluted many times)
  • Made of low-temperature fermentation of reclaimed fish
  • Ready-stock and shipped from Kulim, Kedah
  • SHS KEBUN/SHS Garden is the registered trademark of Grand SHS Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd. Beware of any fake listings using our trade name



What is SHS KEBUN Fish Amino Acid?

SHS KEBUN Fish Amino Acid is a natural liquid fertilizer that supplies plants with amino acids essential for plant growth and the immune system quickly. It is suitable for farmers and home gardeners.


SHS KEBUN Baja Ikan sejenis baja organik cecair semulajadi yang membekalkan asid amino kepada tumbuhan dengan cepat untuk pertumbuhan tanaman dan meningkatkan daya ketahanan tanaman. Ia sesuai untuk ladang dan kebun rumah.

Why Must I Use SHS KEBUN Fish Amino Acid In My Farm and Garden?


  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Helps plants recover faster 
  • Builds up a plant's immune system to fight diseases
  • Quick supply of nitrogen to plants to build new leaves after trimming
  • Amino acids as the source of nitrogen
  • Contains beneficial microbes
  • Small molecules allowing quicker and better absorption by plants
  • Contains essential macro and micronutrients
  • Rejuvenates soil microflora 
  • Supplies amino acid, so that plants can convert to protein quickly 
  • Does not contain animal dung
  • Produced in Malaysia in a BioNexus Status factory


Apply SHS KEBUN Fish Amino Acid regularly to build up a plant's immune system to fight diseases. 


If you notice your plant is showing signs of lack of nitrogen, using solid fertilizer will not be able to supply nitrogen quickly enough. Spraying SHS KEBUN Fish Amino Acid on the leaves will help the plant to absorb and convert the amino acid quickly to overcome the nutrient deficiency. 



1. Older leaves (usually larger and leaves at the lower part) look pale and evenly yellow (chlorosis)

2. Leaves to remain small, and drop prematurely

3. Plants look thin and pale

4. Reduction in protein results in stunted growth and dormant lateral buds


  • Penggalak pertumbuhan tanaman
  • Asid amino sebagai sumber nitrogen
  • Mengandungi mikrob dan enzim
  • Mengandungi nutrien makro dan mikro yang diperlukan oleh tumbuhan
  • Tanpa sisa buangan haiwan
  • Meningkatkan immuniti tumbuhan
  • Menyuburkan flora mikro tanah melalui penambahan asid amino dan bahan organik



What is SHS KEBUN Fish Amino Acid Made of?

SHS KEBUN Fish Amino Acid is made of reclaimed fish from factories using low-temperature fermentation. No chemical is added.

The low-temperature process allows better preservation of temperature-sensitive nutrients, enzymes. hormones. 

The microbial and enzymatic breakdown of large molecules into smaller molecules allows better absorption by plants


SHS KEBUN Baja Ikan diperbuat daripada bahan ikan melalui proses fermentasi suhu rendah/

Nutrien, enizim dan hormon yang sensitif kepada suhu dapat dikekalkan melalui fertmentasi suhu rendah

Proses pemecahan molekul besar kepada kecil oleh mikrob dan enzim memudahkan penyerapan nutrien oleh tumbuhan..

What type of plants can I use SHS KEBUN Fish Amino Acid on?

SHS KEBUN Fish Amino Acid can be used on any plant including vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental plants, cactus & succulents, indoor plants, etc. It is safe for consumption after application. 


If it is sprayed on cactus & succulents, it is advisable to spray in the evening and wash it off the next morning due to the sensitivity of the skin of these plants. 



How do I apply SHS KEBUN Fish Amino Acid?

Dilute with water:


1:500 for foliar application 

40 ml: 20 Liter Water

10 ml: 5 Liter water 

4 ml: 2 Liter water


1:200 for soil application

10 ml: 2 Liter water

100 ml: 20 Liter



Once or twice a month


Kadar Applikasi yang dicadangkan


1:500 untuk semburan foliar

1:200 untuk applikasi tanah


Sembur 1-2 kali sebulan



  • Shake well before use
  • Application in the morning or evening is recommended. Avoid applying it during hot weather.
  • Avoid mixing it with alkaline-based pesticides such as lime sulfur mixture or alkaline soap-based pesticides as they may reduce the effectiveness.
  • It should be used alternatively with other fertilizers such as high K fertilizers as too much nitrogen will attract pests
  • Keep in closed containers and avoid exposure to direct sunlight
  • The bottle may shrink or expand due to microbial activities. 

Package Content

1 bottle of SHS KEBUN Fish Amino Acid Concentrate (1 Liter)



Ready-stock and shipped from Kulim, Kedah



SHS KEBUN/SHS Garden is the registered trademark of Grand SHS Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd. Beware of any fake listings using our trade name


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1 bottle of SHS KEBUN Fish Amino Acid (1L)