SHS Kebun Pop-up Garden Cage (11185)
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- Protects your vegetables and fruit trees from pests

- Set up in seconds

- Pegs to hold it firm on to the ground

- Zipped doors for easy access for maintenance

- Durable

- 100 cm (Length) x 100 cm (Width) x 185cm (Height)

- Light

- Foldable for easy storage


  • Quick, simple, and effective plant protection
  • Protects vegetables and fruit trees from birds, squirrels, monkeys, chicken, rats, shrews, cats and dogs as well as insects, snails and caterpillars
  • Made from a sprung steel frame which quickly pops-up into a cage within seconds - no tools or experience needed
  • Can be folded into a space-saving storage bag
  • Long-lasting high-quality maintenance-free material
  • Strong 4mm woven polypropylene netting
  • Zipped doors for easy access for maintenance
  • Fixed to the ground by metal pegs (included)
  • Can be used independently or with a raised bed
  • The pop-up design makes it easy to use and move
  • Allows water through, so rainwater and watering is not affected
  • Includes a weather-proof skirt which can be set in a trench to protect the crop from burrowing pests

This cage is ideal for use after pollination and setting (for fruit trees).



Storage bag


Installing the Cages

1. Remove the cage from the bag and unfold it

2. The cage will pop up into shape by itself

3. Place it over your plants

4. If necessary, fix it into the ground using the metal pegs to prevent the cage from moving during strong winds.

What's in the box
  • 1 Pop-up cage (100cm x 100cm x 185cm)
  • 4 metal ground pegs
  • 1 storage bag