KMB Bio Botava Natural Pesticide 100ML Concentrate Thrips Spider Mite Spray Serangga Perosak
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  • KMB Bio-Botava Repacked 100 ml
  • Liquid natural pesticide for a wide spectrum of pests
  • Bio-Botava is especially effective for thrips, spider mites, whiteflies etc.
  • Made of 100% herbal extracts. Non-toxic to human, plants, bees and worms. Very safe to use
  • No chemicals added
  • Suitable for all plants (vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental plants, indoor plants etc
  • Very economical (can be diluted many times)
  • Ready-stock and shipped from Kulim, Kedah
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What is KMB Bio-Botava?

KMB Bio-Botava is a natural pesticide/insecticide made of natural herbal extracts suitable for home gardens as well as commercial farms. 


Bio-Botava adalah sejenis pembasmi serangga perosak yang diperbuat daripada bahan-bahan semulajadi yang sesuai untuk pekebun rumah atau ladang komersial


Bio-Botava 是一种天然植物萃取制成的杀虫剂。它适合给家居园艺和商业农场使用。


What type of insects does Bio-Botava kill?

Bio-Botava is effective on a broad spectrum of common garden pests. Feedback from farmers indicates it is especially effective for sucking pests such as spider mites, thrips, whiteflies etc.


Gabungan pelbagai ramuan herba ini berfungsi secara sinergi mengurangkan 'kebal' terhadap kebanyakan serangga perosak. Testimoni daripada petani menunjukkan bahawa Bio-Botava sangat berkesan untuk thrips, hama dan lalat putih


BIO-BOTAVA tidak beracun bagi manusia, haiwan, dan lebah menjadikan ia sebagai produk hijau yang mesra alam.


Bio-Botava 对很多种的害虫都有效。很多农友的反馈告诉我们它对红蜘蛛,蓟马和白粉虱很有效。



What is Bio-Botava Made of?

Bio-Botava is made of 100% natural herbal extracts. The key ingredients are Sophora favescens, Tripterygium wilfordii dan pyrethrum. It is hence very safe to be used on vegetables and fruit trees. 


KMB Bio-Botava diperbuat daripada pelbagai ekstrak herba (Sophora favescens, Tripterygium wilfordii dan pyrethrum) yang mempunyai fungsi pembunuhan mahkluk persosak secara kontak, keracunan perut. Ia dapat bertindak merosakkan sistem saraf periferal, sistem saraf pusat dan organ dan tisu perosak.


Bio-Botava 由100%各种草药制成(苦参,黃藤草和除虫菊),具有接触性,胃中毒的功能,并且可以同时作用于昆虫的神经系统,中枢神经系统以及有害生物器官和组织。

草药的组合可协同发挥作用。 杀虫谱广,降低了害虫抗药性的发展。





What type of plants can I use Bio-Botava on?

Bio-Botava can be used on any plants including vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental plants, cactus & succulents, indoor plants etc.


If it is sprayed on cactus & succulents, it is advisble to spray in the evening and wash it off the next morning due to the sensitivity of the skin of these plants. 


It is safe and harmless for humans, bees earthworms etc




How do I apply Bio-Botava?


1:1000 for prevention

1:500 for serious infestation



Prevention: Once in 7-10 days

Serious infestation: 1-2 times a week



  • Shake well before use
  • Spraying directly on the pests until they are wet will give maximum results
  • Application in the morning or evening is recommended. Avoid applying it during hot weather.
  • Avoid mixing it with alkaline based pesticides such as lime sulfur mixture or alkaline soap-based pesticides as they may reduce the effectiveness.
  • It is advicable to use the diluted solution within 2 hours so that maximum effectiveness can be achieved. 
  • Keep in closed containers and avoid direct sunlight

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1 bottle of KMB Bio-Botava Repacked 100 ml concentrate



Ready-stock and shipped from Kulim, Kedah



SHS KEBUN/SHS Garden is the registered trademark of Grand SHS Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd. Beware of any fake listings using our trade name

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1 bottle of KMB's Bio-Botava Repacked 100 ml