Ceramic Self-watering Tool for Automatic Watering in Garden or Indoor Plants
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Brand SHS Kebun
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  • 1 SHS Kebun Self-watering Ceramic Cone (Plant, medium and water are not included)
  • Easy to install
  • Technical skills are not needed
  • Affordable so you can install one for each of your planters
  • Can be uninstalled and moved to different locations easily
  • Can be used with any water container
  • Durable
  • Can be used to apply liquid fertilizer 

Self-watering Ceramic Cone 


Poke the SHS Kebun Ceramic Self-watering Tool into the medium/soil. Water will be released slowly into the medium/soil via the ceramic cone. 


You can use any container. The rate of water release depends on the characteristics of the medium/soil (porosity etc) and the difference in height between the water container and the cone. 


The higher the water level, as opposed to the cone, the faster the water, is released (absorbed by the medium/soil).


You can test it for several days and adjust the position (height) of the water container and cone to find the best combination that suits your plant's needs. 


For bigger plants that need more water, you can install a few SHS Kebun Ceramic Self Watering Tool. 

Installation Instructions

1. Soak the cone in water for a few minutes

2. Open the cap

2. Fill the cone with water and close the cap

3. Poke the cone into the medium/soil.

4. Put the other end of the tube into the water container. Make sure the open end of the tube is fully submerged in the water. 

5. Adjust the position of the water container to find the best water release rate.

 * You can also replace water with liquid fertiliser. 



  • If water does not move from the water container to the soil/medium, check if the open end of the tube is fully submerged in water. You can also increase the height of the water container to increase the flow rate. 
  • If water flows too fast, lower the water container. 
  • Clean the ceramic cone once in a while to remove any blockage. 
  • This is a simple and effective device. It may not be suitable for all plants, pots and planting conditions. 
  • To avoid mosquito breeding, please cover the water container.



1 pc of SHS Kebun Ceramic Self-watering Tool (plant and water container not included)

What's in the box

1pc of SHS Kebun Self-watering Ceramic Cone (Plant, medium and water are not included)