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1. Simple to use

2. Aesthetically blends into the garden

3. Effective

4. Can be reused many times



Do you know that snails and slugs love beer?


Snails and slugs are attracted to the yeast in beer. This gives us an opportunity to catch them using beer, malt drink or yeast. It is an environmentally friendly way to get rid of the snails and slugs in your garden.New Paragraph


Simple Steps to Use the Beer Snail Trap


Catching snails with beer/yeast is a simple process. You simply attract the snails to the Snail Trap that contains beer/yeast. The snails sniff the beer/yeast and find it impossible to resist. They go for a sip, fall in and drown as happy snails.



Begin digging a hole for the Snail Trap.




Bury the Snail Trap until it fits nicely into the hole with the opening at ground level. The snails should be able to fall into the trap easily from ground level.



Step 3
Backfill the hole with soil if necessary to achieve a sturdy fit. Fill the Snail Trap about 80 percent full with any type of beer/Yeast.





Snails are Attracted

Snails will climb into the trap, take a sip and drown as happy snails.



SHS Kebun Snail Trap is a chemical free and environmentally friendly way to catch snails. It is harmless to any other wildlife or pets.


Height: 11cm

Diameter: 7cm

Colour: Green

Material: Plastic



1. Snails are not attracted to alcohol. So a flatten beer works just fine. You can also use grape juice or malt beverages.


2. Instead of beer, you can also use an effective mixture by combining honey/sugar, water, and yeast. Simmer the ingredients together until thoroughly dissolved.


3. You can experiment with different mixtures that will attract snails in your garden and see which one works the best for your garden.


4. The Snail Trap should be placed near enough to your garden so that snails are attracted to the beer/yeast instead of your plants.


5. You need a trap every meter. If you have a small garden, a single Snail Trap is often sufficient. You may want to place several Snail Traps around the perimeter of a larger garden.



Plants destroyed by snails?



Frustrated that your beloved plants are always destroyed by garden snails and slugs?


Refused to use the snail poison, fearing that the poison may contaminate your soil?

What's in the box

1 snail trap