SHS Kebun Fine Cocopeat 2kg
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1. 2 kg per pack

2. Fine cocopeat made in Malaysia

3. Suitable for seed germination, hydroponic systems, microgreens and soil mixes

4. An economical replacement for peat moss

5. Used in mulching 

6. Suitable for home gardening, container and balcony gardening


Cocopeat is a multi-purpose growing medium that is popular amongst professional growers, farmers, home gardeners, nurseries etc. It is made out of coconut husk. The fibrous coconut husk is washed, dried, sieved and made free from sand and other contaminations such as animal and plant residue. Cocopeat is a very good alternative to traditional peat moss and rock wool. 



1. Potting mix - mixed with soil, sand, compost, fertilizers

2. Soil amendments to improve soil structure for better drainage and hold moisture

3. Substrate for microgreens and mushrooms

4. Hydroponic systems

5. Home gardening, container and balcony gardening

6. Seed germination

7. Bonsai 

8. Landscaping

9. Horticulture and Floriculture applications

10. Mulching at the base of plants to deter weeds and to retain moisture

11. Vermiculture as the bedding for composting worms 

As a substitute for peat, because it is free of bacteria and most fungal spores, and is sustainably produced without the environmental damage caused by peat mining.


Specifications: 2 kg of cocopeat 

Made in Malaysia


What's in the box

2 kg of cocopeat